Gridl Asset Management and tradias/Bankhaus Scheich facilitate first investable digital asset on a mutual fund in Germany via a warrant certificate

  • Investors save time and money
  • Financial inclusion is pushed further
  • Proven investment concept now available in digital finance

 Frankfurt am Main, April 12, 2022: As of April 12, 2022, Gridl Asset Management GmbH, Munich, enables investors to invest in the first digital twin of a mutual fund in Germany. Underlying for the investable digital asset (token) is the Gridl Global Macro UI, private and institutional investors receive numerous advantages. The digital twin was issued by tradias Issuance GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, a subsidiary of tradias GmbH.

The world is going digital – and digital assets are becoming a part of our world

For the first time, investors can purchase a certificate that reflects the asset class of a fund in its own digital twin in a regulated market environment. The digital twins on the Gridl Global Macro UI can be obtained by private investors directly via the tradias platform at This yields in several advantages for investors:

  • 24/7 trading of the digital twins on the secondary market possible at a later date
  • Same day billing (t=0)
  • No initial charge when purchasing the retail share classes
  • Traditional deposit with a bank is not necessary
  • Independent custody or provision of a customer wallet with tradias possible
  • Trading is also possible for investors from countries outside the EU who previously have not had the opportunity to open a securities account in Germany
  • No tax disadvantage for investors

Manfred Gridl, Managing Director/Owner of Gridl Asset Management GmbH: “With the Digital Twin, we have created the first successful combination of the traditional and the digital fund world in Germany! We have thus taken an important step for the entire fund industry in the future of “digital assets”. Digitally savvy investors now have the opportunity to invest in a digital twin certificate with a mutual fund as the underlying. Interested parties can buy the Digital Twin with just a few clicks on their smartphone! It is important to note that nothing changes in our proven investment concept of the “all-weather investment strategy”: The objective of the Gridl Global Macro UI is still to generate a positive return in the medium term and at the same time avoid major losses – i.e., be ready for all “weather conditions” on the financial markets.”

Nils von Schoenaich-Carolath, Managing Director Digital Assets Bankhaus Scheich and project manager on the part of tradias: “With the first digital twin via a certificate on a mutual fund in Germany, tradias and Bankhaus Scheich validate their innovative pioneering role in the digitization of the German and European financial markets. Investors can now invest in products that were previously not accessible to them, making Germany a more attractive financial center. After the tokenization of real estate and the first corporate convertible bond in accordance with the Electronic Securities Act (eWpG) in Germany, we and our partners are again the first to offer a financial product in a regulated market environment in Germany. The tokenization of a UCITS fund as well as of ETFs, VC investments and art objects will follow shortly. By doing so, we create financial products that everyone can invest directly and cost-effectively, that are more transparent and liquid, and that contribute to the democratization and liberalization of the investment market. As a next step, we will make the security tokens available for trading on our own secondary market platform.”

This offer was created in close cooperation between Gridl Asset Management GmbH, Munich, and Tradias GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. tradias is a FinTech service provider, IT provider and service platform for Bankhaus Scheich in the areas of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Bankhaus Scheich acts as a regulatory banking partner. The liability umbrella of Tradias GmbH is Effecta GmbH, Tradias GmbH is the contractually bound agent of Effecta GmbH. KVG of the Gridl Global Macro UI is the Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH.

 About Tradias GmbH & Bankhaus Scheich Securities Specialist AG

As a comprehensive, regulated trading platform from Bankhaus Scheich, tradias enables professional investors to trade in digital assets: tradias – trading digital assets.

Bankhaus Scheich, one of the leading securities trading banks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB), offers professional investors a one-stop marketplace for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens in a secure and regulated environment via its unique service platform tradias. The knowledge accumulated over 35 years directly leads into a new era of digital assets.

Tradias GmbH is a contractually bound agent within the meaning of Section 3 (2) WpIG and acts in the brokerage of financial instruments in accordance with Section 2 (2) No. 3 WpIG exclusively for the account and under the liability of Effecta GmbH, Florstadt.

About Gridl Asset Management GmbH

Gridl Asset Management GmbH is a bank-independent and family-run investment consultancy with a focus on absolute return-oriented multi-asset class strategies. Partners and managing directors are the couple Marion and Manfred Gridl. Both have many years of experience in asset management, fund management and customer service.

Gridl Asset Management GmbH is a fund advisor for the “Gridl Global Macro UI” mutual fund. The independence from banks enables the fund advisor to always make investment recommendations in the best interests of the fund’s investment results and thus of the customers. For the fund, Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH is the KVG, the depositary / custodian bank is Donner & Reuschel AG (D).

Media contacts:

V.i.S.d.P.: tradias/Bankhaus Scheich

Sascha Dettmar
Corporate Communications

F: +49 69 257200 161

M: +49 151 10070566



Gridl Asset Management GmbH

Manfred Gridl

Managing Director/Owner

F: +49 89 80 95 96 53
M: +49 174 300 90 74


Bankhaus Scheich introduces a further Exchange Traded Note (ETN) of ETC Group to the Regulated Market Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, 14 April 2021

ETC Group, a leading provider in cryptocurrency-based financial products, has successfully launched and introduced its new ETN to Frankfurt’s Regulated Market. Bankhaus Scheich has acted as applicant for the admission process and will be the specialist on Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange. This new product is fully-backed and fully-fungible with the cryptocurrency LITECOIN, enabling investors to benefit from a centrally cleared (Eurex Clearing), regulated and listed product within a strongly growing segment. The yet another admission not only testifies to the growing investor appetite but to the strategic objective of Deutsche Börse AG to promote the global trend of regulated and listed crypto-assets. Only weeks ago, ETC Group had listed an Ethereum-based product (ZETH-ETN) in Frankfurt’s Regulated Market.


Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
Arne Aßmann
phone: +49 89 – 215 38 66 61

Bankhaus Scheich introduces for the first time an Ethereum-based Exchange Traded Note (ETN) of ETC Group to the Regulated Market Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, March 2021

ETC Group, a leading provider in cryptocurrency-based financial products, has successfully launched and introduced its new Ethereum-based ETN to Frankfurt’s Regulated Market. Bankhaus Scheich has for the first time acted as applicant for the admission process and will be the specialist on Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange. This new product is fully-backed and fully-fungible with the cryptocurrency Ethereum, enabling investors to benefit from a centrally cleared (Eurex Clearing), regulated and listed product within a strongly growing segment. Due to the increasing appetite among different groups of investors, further ETN series are expected to follow soon.

Bankhaus Scheich connects to BSDEX as liquidity provider

Securities trading bank joins Boerse Stuttgart Group’s ecosystem
for digital assets as an institutional participant

Bankhaus Scheich has connected to Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX) as its first institutional participant that is not a part of Boerse Stuttgart Group. As a liquidity provider at Germany’s first regulated trading venue for digital assets, Bankhaus Scheich provides buying and selling prices – initially for the Bitcoin- Euro pair, with the other tradable cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP soon to follow. BSDEX is operated in accordance with Section 2, paragraph 12 of the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz) as a multilateral trading facility by Baden-Wuerttembergische Wertpapierbörse GmbH, which also is the operating company for the public stock exchange in Stuttgart. For cryptocurrency custody, Bankhaus Scheich uses the services of blocknox GmbH, a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures GmbH.

“With its legal framework and its stable, scalable technology, BSDEX meets institutional players’ requirements in the field of digital assets. We are delighted that Bankhaus Scheich is now connected as a liquidity provider and will further improve the trading quality at BSDEX,” says Maximilian von Wallenberg, CEO of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange GmbH. The company is the technical operator of BSDEX and a joint venture of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH, Axel Springer SE, GmbH and SBI Crypto Investment.

Björn Weigel, Head of Digital Assets at Bankhaus Scheich adds: “The cooperation with BSDEX is a logical and consistent step in our strategy with regard to digital assets. We are confident that, with this very innovative partner and based on our expertise from more than 35 years of securities trading, we will make the emerging asset class of cryptocurrencies accessible to regulated banks and financial service providers.”

Trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP against Euro at BSDEX is available almost 24 hours, seven days a week. Open order books provide information on existing orders and the current market situation. Along with Bankhaus Scheich, financial services provider EUWAX AG, a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH, also acts as a liquidity provider at BSDEX. At BSDEX, there are transaction fees based on the type of order. Deposits and withdrawals of the tradable cryptocurrencies are free of charge at BSDEX.

For more information about Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, please visit


Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
Andreas Meyer
Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 348 79 66 67


Fully regulated trading of crypto assets

Finoa and Bankhaus Scheich enable professional trading of crypto assets

  • For the first time, the Frankfurt securities specialist enables professional investors to buy and sell crypto-assets under the brand tradias – trading digital assets.
  • In addition to crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, digital securities will soon be offered as well
  • Custody and settlement are carried out with specialised solutions from the Berlin-based FinTech Finoa

Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG, together with Finoa GmbH, one of Europe’s leading FinTech for digital assets, offers the trading of crypto-assets from secure custody. A certificate-like digital security (ISIN: DE000A276T93) with a share of a DAX30 company as underlying security was issued in a joint project with the tokenisation specialist Cashlink already at the beginning of the year. The jointly developed service is thus unique in the EU and offers institutional investors and companies the opportunity to trade digital assets from a single source and in a secure and regulated environment. The cooperation underlines the common goal of offering institutional investors professional access to the asset class of digital securities and assets in full. As early as 2018, Finoa started to develop the innovative custody solution that will enable institutional and professional investors to safely hold and manage their digital assets without compromising the necessary flexibility and accessibility of the assets. The crypto-asset trading offering brings Finoa and Bankhaus Scheich closer to their goal of providing clients with a trusted “all-in-one” platform for all investor needs related to digital assets. Trading and custody are natural complements: institutional investors want to buy/sell assets directly from safe custody (in-custody trading) without having to expose themselves to multiple transaction and counterparty risks in multiple trading venues. Finoa’s collaboration with Bankhaus Scheich achieves just that. Legally, trading for Finoa clients is set up as a separate OTC offering under the tradias brand with Bankhaus Scheich. In the medium term, trading orders will be integrated into Finoa’s technology in order to enable efficient execution with one counterparty across multiple trading venues at the best price directly from the digital asset depository.

“With Finoa we have an agile and secure crypto custodian (temporary approved on request referring to § 64 Sec. 1 KWG) as our partner. In the area of digital assets custody we perceive Finoa as a technical innovation leader within the EU, especially in the BaFin regulated e nvironment,” emphasizes Boris Ziganke, Member of the Board & COO of Bankhaus Scheich. “The connection and provision of liquidity has always been the logical next step in our vision to provide institutional investors and companies with a custody and asset s ervicing solution. In Bankhaus Scheich, we are proud to have won a partner who has proven its experience and expertise in the trading of financial instruments as one of the leading market makers on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) in its more than 35 – yea r successful corporate history,”
says Finoa co-founder & Managing Director Henrik Gebbing.

About Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
Bankhaus Scheich was founded in 1985 and is one of the leading securities trading banks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) today. The owner-managed bank is active in the business areas Designated Market Making, Capital Markets, Fixed Income Trading for Institutional Clients, Sales & Trading and Consulting. The expansion to include the area of digital assets under the tradias – trading digital assets – brand underscores the bank’s claim to take account of increasing digitalisation through innovation and organic, continuous growth.

Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
Andreas Meyer
Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 348 79 66 67

About Finoa GmbH
Finoa is a  digital asset FinTech and offers custody and staking services to professional investors. The platform enables users to securely store and manage their crypto assets while providing a directly accessible, highly intuitive and unique user experience that enables direct access to the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Finoa was founded in 2018 and is based in Berlin. Finoa is a qualified crypto-custodian  (temporary approved on request referring to § 64 Sec. 1 KWG) and is aims to be supervised the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Finoa GmbH
Marius Lunding Smith

Bankhaus Scheich successfully taps Photon Energy’s 7.75% bond issue 17/22 as Sole Global Coordinator

Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG, Frankfurt am Main, successfully taps Photon Energy N.V.’s outstanding 7.75% bond issue 17/22 (ISIN DE000A19MFH4) as Sole Global Coordinator. The bond was increased by EUR 5.4 million to EUR 43 million in a private placement with Institutional European Investors. The company will use the proceeds from the increase of the bond to build further power plants in the “solar hotspots” Hungary and Australia for its own PV portfolio and to strengthen its financial basis.

Innovation on the capital market

Bankhaus Scheich, Cashlink and Finoa replicate a DAX share on the blockchain for the first time

  • Together with Cashlink and Finoa, Bankhaus Scheich has replicated a German DAX share as a digital security on a blockchain, similar to an equitylinked note.
  • With this tokenization, Bankhaus Scheich offers a solution for the increasing demand for digital securities.

Frankfurt am Main, February 12, 2020: Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG, together with Cashlink Technologies GmbH, one of Europe’s leading infrastructure providers for digital securities, has for the first time created a share package of a DAX company on the blockchain. In the pilot project, a digital security (ISIN: DE000A276T93) similar to an equity-linked note, a so-called ‘asset-linked token‘, was successfully issued to selected market participants within the framework of a private placement. Finoa GmbH is responsible for the custody of this digital security. The underlying of the digital security was a share package of a DAX company, whereby each share was represented by a certain number of tokens.

The implementation of this digital securities issuance was supported by various partners: Cashlink Technologies GmbH, located in the Deutsche Börse Fintech Hub in Frankfurt am Main, has developed the technical infrastructure of the digital security. This infrastructure includes Smart Contracts on the blockchain as well as all tools for issuing digital securities. Legal advice on the issuance of this digital security was provided by the internationally
renowned law firm Ashurst LLP, which focuses on the digital economy. With its technological infrastructure, Finoa GmbH also ensures the highest security standards in the custody of digital securities.

Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG is working on further issuances of digital securities, to which other underlying assets will be used. This enables scenarios in which the securities can be traded directly against each other. This significantly simplifies the clearing and settlement process.

‘As a securities trading bank, we see great potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the securities business. This is also made clear by the federal government’s blockchain strategy. We are pleased to note that Germany is playing a pioneering role here. Our pilot project shows that the technology is already applicable in practice and offers many advantages. In the long term, digital securities offer many more possibilities than today, such as the mapping of assets that could not previously be securitized‘, explains Boris Ziganke, COO of Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG.

‘Especially at the beginning of the year, numerous experts have predicted the growing influence of digital securities’, explains Michael Duttlinger, managing director of the Frankfurt based startup Cashlink. He continues: ‘The fact that Bankhaus Scheich, as an established market participant, is working with us to implement the idea of a digital security, which is based on a DAX share, is not only a benefit for us as a company, but also confirms the entire ecosystem around digital securities.‘ Finoa Managing Director Henrik Gebbing has created a custodian solution for digital assets with his company that is particularly suitable for institutional investors: ‘We are very happy to support this pilot project of Bankhaus Scheich and welcome a very renowned partner. The project is a good start to 2020, in which we will deepen our partnership with the infrastructure provider Cashlink.‘

What is an asset-linked token?
In the issue, which was carried out by Bankhaus Scheich, a security was issued as part of a private placement, which is represented on a blockchain and behaves similar to a classic tracker certificate. The value of this digital security is linked to a classic security and reflects its performance one to one. In the present case, the shares are those of a DAX company.

What are the advantages of a digital securities issue?
The issuance of traditional securities requires numerous processes and interfaces, which are significantly reduced by digital securities. Transactions are processed much faster. In future, settlement will take place almost in real time. The transparency of transactions can also be increased. Digital securities make it possible to increase the efficiency of the entire securities business and open up completely new asset classes. A further advantage is that buyers can acquire digital securities in almost any small denomination. This increases the attractiveness of digital securities.

About Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
Bankhaus Scheich was founded in 1985 as Scheich & Partner Börsenmakler and is today one of the leading securities trading banks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB). The owner-managed bank is active in the business areas of Capital Markets, bond trading for institutional clients, sales trading, consulting and as a market maker on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
Boris Ziganke (COO)
Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 348 79 66 0

About Cashlink Technologies GmbH
The financial technology startup (Fintech) Cashlink is one of Europe’s leading providers of digital securities. The company’s infrastructure, which is based on a blockchain, enables individually configurable digital securities, such as bonds, certificates or profit participation rights, to be issued completely digitally. With Cashlink, securities issuers benefit from a more efficient issuing process and significantly easier processing. Cashlink is supported by renowned partners such as the listed FinLab AG and the earlystage VC seed + speed of the Maschmeyer Group. The company completes its comprehensive range of digital securities by cooperating with internationally experienced partners such as the law firm Ashurst. Cashlink is an official partner of Deutsche Börse Venture Network. The company is committed to increasing the use of block-chain-based applications in the financial industry. As a founding member of the International Token Standardization Association and the European forum “International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications” (INATBA), Cashlink is actively shaping the future of the securities business.

Cashlink Technologies GmbH
Inga-Marit Nölle
Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 34 87 52 76

About Finoa GmbH
Finoa provides custody and asset-servicing solutions for Digital Assets, customized to institutional investors, HNWI and corporations. The custody platform enables its users to store and manage their cryptographic tokens under military-grade security standards, while providing a directly accessible, highly intuitive and unique user-experience. The custody infrastructure serves as the base to a growing product portfolio, such as Prime Brokerage, Lending and Staking. Finoa was founded in 2018, is based in Berlin and granted a
preliminary license approval (§64y KWG) by German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Finoa is backed by renowned investors like Coparion, Venture Stars and Signature Ventures.

Finoa Ltd
Henrik Gebbing
Phone: +49 (0) 173 / 161 66 35

ABO WIND capital increase significantly oversubscribed

Institutional investors have subscribed for 400,000 new shares in ABO Wind AG for 17.10 euros.
The gross proceeds of the significantly oversubscribed issue amount to more than 6.8 million euros. The number of ABO Wind shares increases to 8,470,893, bringing the current market capitalization to more than 150 million euros.
“We are pleased about the capital market’s vote of confidence, which additionally supports our good business development”, said CEO Dr. Jochen Ahn. In view of the growing global demand for climate-friendly and cost-effective renewable energy, there are currently numerous business opportunities for the renowned project developer of wind and solar parks. ABO Wind is working on new wind and solar parks in 16 countries.
The majority of the new shares were subscribed by the Quest Cleantech Fund, an equity fund managed by the Belgian investment manager Capricorn Partners. “As a pioneer of the energy turnaround, ABO Wind is an ideal fit with the Quest Cleantech Fund,” said Olaf Cörper, Partner and Co-Fund Manager. “We are delighted about the attractive entry opportunity.”
Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG, Frankfurt am Main, accompanied the successful issue, which increased the free float of the ABO Wind share to 33 percent. The founding families Ahn and Bockholt, who together now hold 57 percent of the shares, and the Frankfurt energy supplier Mainova AG with ten percent, did not participate in the capital increase. In the short term, the company is now aiming for inclusion in Xetra trading in order to further improve the attractiveness of the share for investors.

Charity Day 2019

Bankhaus Scheich as well as the securities trading banks (‘specialists’) operating on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange floor and Deutsche Börse AG donated the sum of 70,000 Euro to this year’s Trading Charity, which is distributed among four charitable institutions.
The donation amount derives from the transaction and trading fees received on St. Nicholas’ Day through the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Investors trading shares, bonds, funds, ETFs, ETCs or ETNs on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on 6 December therefore supported all institutions simultaneously.

Bankhaus Scheich supports the roadshow activities of ABO Wind AG

The 3% convertible bond 18/20 of ABO Wind AG, which was placed with private investors by the company itself in 2018 and with institutional investors in 2019 with the support of Bankhaus Scheich, was converted in a quantity of 425,193 at the end of the conversion window in October 2019. This corresponds to a conversion rate of more than 50%. At the same time, the company’s equity was strengthened by around 6.4 million Euro. The number of shares in ABO Wind AG therefore increased by 425,193 to the present total of 8,070,893 shares. The non-converted bonds are due for repayment in May 2020. Bankhaus Scheich supports the company on an ongoing basis in all capital market issues, including roadshow activities to broaden capital market transparency and improve the trading liquidity of the ABO share.