Bankhaus Scheich introduces a further Exchange Traded Note (ETN) of ETC Group to the Regulated Market Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, 14 April 2021

ETC Group, a leading provider in cryptocurrency-based financial products, has successfully launched and introduced its new ETN to Frankfurt’s Regulated Market. Bankhaus Scheich has acted as applicant for the admission process and will be the specialist on Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange. This new product is fully-backed and fully-fungible with the cryptocurrency LITECOIN, enabling investors to benefit from a centrally cleared (Eurex Clearing), regulated and listed product within a strongly growing segment. The yet another admission not only testifies to the growing investor appetite but to the strategic objective of Deutsche Börse AG to promote the global trend of regulated and listed crypto-assets. Only weeks ago, ETC Group had listed an Ethereum-based product (ZETH-ETN) in Frankfurt’s Regulated Market.


Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
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