Gridl Asset Management and tradias/Bankhaus Scheich facilitate first investable digital asset on a mutual fund in Germany via a warrant certificate

  • Investors save time and money
  • Financial inclusion is pushed further
  • Proven investment concept now available in digital finance

 Frankfurt am Main, April 12, 2022: As of April 12, 2022, Gridl Asset Management GmbH, Munich, enables investors to invest in the first digital twin of a mutual fund in Germany. Underlying for the investable digital asset (token) is the Gridl Global Macro UI, private and institutional investors receive numerous advantages. The digital twin was issued by tradias Issuance GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, a subsidiary of tradias GmbH.

The world is going digital – and digital assets are becoming a part of our world

For the first time, investors can purchase a certificate that reflects the asset class of a fund in its own digital twin in a regulated market environment. The digital twins on the Gridl Global Macro UI can be obtained by private investors directly via the tradias platform at www.tradias.de. This yields in several advantages for investors:

  • 24/7 trading of the digital twins on the secondary market possible at a later date
  • Same day billing (t=0)
  • No initial charge when purchasing the retail share classes
  • Traditional deposit with a bank is not necessary
  • Independent custody or provision of a customer wallet with tradias possible
  • Trading is also possible for investors from countries outside the EU who previously have not had the opportunity to open a securities account in Germany
  • No tax disadvantage for investors

Manfred Gridl, Managing Director/Owner of Gridl Asset Management GmbH: “With the Digital Twin, we have created the first successful combination of the traditional and the digital fund world in Germany! We have thus taken an important step for the entire fund industry in the future of “digital assets”. Digitally savvy investors now have the opportunity to invest in a digital twin certificate with a mutual fund as the underlying. Interested parties can buy the Digital Twin with just a few clicks on their smartphone! It is important to note that nothing changes in our proven investment concept of the “all-weather investment strategy”: The objective of the Gridl Global Macro UI is still to generate a positive return in the medium term and at the same time avoid major losses – i.e., be ready for all “weather conditions” on the financial markets.”

Nils von Schoenaich-Carolath, Managing Director Digital Assets Bankhaus Scheich and project manager on the part of tradias: “With the first digital twin via a certificate on a mutual fund in Germany, tradias and Bankhaus Scheich validate their innovative pioneering role in the digitization of the German and European financial markets. Investors can now invest in products that were previously not accessible to them, making Germany a more attractive financial center. After the tokenization of real estate and the first corporate convertible bond in accordance with the Electronic Securities Act (eWpG) in Germany, we and our partners are again the first to offer a financial product in a regulated market environment in Germany. The tokenization of a UCITS fund as well as of ETFs, VC investments and art objects will follow shortly. By doing so, we create financial products that everyone can invest directly and cost-effectively, that are more transparent and liquid, and that contribute to the democratization and liberalization of the investment market. As a next step, we will make the security tokens available for trading on our own secondary market platform.”

This offer was created in close cooperation between Gridl Asset Management GmbH, Munich, and Tradias GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. tradias is a FinTech service provider, IT provider and service platform for Bankhaus Scheich in the areas of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Bankhaus Scheich acts as a regulatory banking partner. The liability umbrella of Tradias GmbH is Effecta GmbH, Tradias GmbH is the contractually bound agent of Effecta GmbH. KVG of the Gridl Global Macro UI is the Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH.

 About Tradias GmbH & Bankhaus Scheich Securities Specialist AG

As a comprehensive, regulated trading platform from Bankhaus Scheich, tradias enables professional investors to trade in digital assets: tradias – trading digital assets.

Bankhaus Scheich, one of the leading securities trading banks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB), offers professional investors a one-stop marketplace for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens in a secure and regulated environment via its unique service platform tradias. The knowledge accumulated over 35 years directly leads into a new era of digital assets.

Tradias GmbH is a contractually bound agent within the meaning of Section 3 (2) WpIG and acts in the brokerage of financial instruments in accordance with Section 2 (2) No. 3 WpIG exclusively for the account and under the liability of Effecta GmbH, Florstadt.



About Gridl Asset Management GmbH

Gridl Asset Management GmbH is a bank-independent and family-run investment consultancy with a focus on absolute return-oriented multi-asset class strategies. Partners and managing directors are the couple Marion and Manfred Gridl. Both have many years of experience in asset management, fund management and customer service.

Gridl Asset Management GmbH is a fund advisor for the “Gridl Global Macro UI” mutual fund. The independence from banks enables the fund advisor to always make investment recommendations in the best interests of the fund’s investment results and thus of the customers. For the fund, Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH is the KVG, the depositary / custodian bank is Donner & Reuschel AG (D).


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