Bankhaus Scheich supports the roadshow activities of ABO Wind AG

The 3% convertible bond 18/20 of ABO Wind AG, which was placed with private investors by the company itself in 2018 and with institutional investors in 2019 with the support of Bankhaus Scheich, was converted in a quantity of 425,193 at the end of the conversion window in October 2019. This corresponds to a conversion rate of more than 50%. At the same time, the company’s equity was strengthened by around 6.4 million Euro. The number of shares in ABO Wind AG therefore increased by 425,193 to the present total of 8,070,893 shares. The non-converted bonds are due for repayment in May 2020. Bankhaus Scheich supports the company on an ongoing basis in all capital market issues, including roadshow activities to broaden capital market transparency and improve the trading liquidity of the ABO share.