Bankhaus Scheich and IPOPEMA Securities S.A. place shares in Photon Energy NV for the first time

Frankfurt/Main, June 25, 2021

Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG, Frankfurt am Main, has in close collaboration with Warsaw’s investmentbank IPOPEMA Securities S.A offered shares in Photon Energy N.V. for the first time. The 5,000,000 shares (treasury shares) were placed with German and Eastern European institutional investors by way of an accelerated bookbuilding following an international, digital roadshow. This cross-border transaction increases the free float from formerly 14.3% to roughly 23% and results in proceeds of roughly EUR 7.5mln which will be used to finance the further growth of the company. Photon Energy intends to increase its proprietary PV-portfolio from currently 74Mwp to more than 600Mwp by 2024. Moreover, strong impulses are to be expected from the proprietary Photon Water Technology (“PWT”), a separate business line of the company’s global activities, aiming to complement solar energy and help face the world’s growing problem of scarce fresh drinking water.

Shares in Photon Energy are traded in the Regulated Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange as well as the Open Market in Frankfurt and Munich.


Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist AG
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