Bankhaus Scheich advises and supports SRV Group`s amendments of its outstanding bond issues 2016/2022 and 2018/2023

Bankhaus Scheich has advised and supported the successful amendments to the terms&conditions of the outstanding Senior unsecured callable fixed rate Notes 2016/2022 (EUR 62,096,000) and 2018/2023 (EUR 75,000,000) of the Finnish Real Estate specialist SRV Group plc, Helsinki. The company proposed to its bondholders – amongst others – the extension of the tenure of the Notes as well as the implementation of an amortization structure. The proposed modifications are part of the company’s in 2020 announced and initiated recovery program and were approved with the support of Bankhaus Scheich by the international investors with a large majority. SRV has thus improved its repayment profile of its debt structure and gained more flexibility for its already rapidly improving operational development.

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